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Roadtrip Route



Jedrzej and Mariessa embark on the roadtrip of a lifetime as they drive across Europe in a BMW 650i, courtesy of BMW's European Delivery program.

Part 1 "What is European Delivery?"

In this pilot episode we start out in Los Angeles and get introduced to BMW's European Delivery program.

Part 2 "Flight to Munich"

The Urban Explorers fly from LA to Munich and walk off their jet-lag as they prepare to pick up their car.

Part 3 - "BMW Welt"

After many months and a long flight, the Urban Explorers are finally headed down to BMW Welt to pick up the 650i and experience the European Delivery process firsthand.

Part 4 - "BMW Museum"

After completing the delivery process at the BMW Welt, the Urban Explorers walked over to the BMW Museum to learn a bit more about BMW's history, art, design and technology.