Postcard films - New Media Production
When the economy started to go downhill in late 2008, the jewelry and diamond industry of downtown Los Angeles was hit hard. Luxury goods were among the first products cut from consumer budgets and almost 80% of the local jewelry businesses either went bankrupt or went into severe debt. 

Inta Gems & Diamonds was able to stay afloat because of their online presence and SEO marketing. The owners recognized that they needed to expand their online marketing to keep attracting customers in the new economy. In early 2009, Postcard Films created an educational web video campaign which included short, casual videos on jewelry types, buying tips, press events and even tips on the neighborhood. These videos were used to:

  • Attract new customers that simply searched for more information about diamond/jewelry buying
  • Give more information to interested customers
  • Put a friendly and honest face to a business that depends highly on trust

Once the videos were created, we also put together a website about the Los Angeles diamond district that offered non-sales related advice to visitors.